I bought a new printer today, cause the other one broke. It works like a charm and prints really nice colours, actually (in spite of the low price of only 399 kr!) . Also, I have Sebastian's graduation coming up. Only buying him The Burning Crusade WoW expansion set would probably classify me a bitch so I also bought this on deviantart today:

Considering suicide, by Alex Casteels, matte print, 8x12 inches

Rein Raus, by Alex Casteels, matte print 8x12 inches

+ two really beautiful birch frames at gallerix. I think he'll like them, especially the Rein Raus sketch. He likes H.R Giger, and it has a giger-sense to it, I think. I first thought about ordering some World of warcraft fanart, but I think these two are spectacular. Only a month to go til his graduation, so I ordered them today.

I've seen a lot of films lately; Wallace and Gromit: the curse of the were-rabbit (I LOLED), Walk the Line (fantastic soundtrack), The Woodsman (wow, intense film about a critical subject), The constant gardener (One of my favourites this year!) and the remake of the Amityville Horror (it sucked pretty bad). If anyone of you've seen any of these films, I really would like to hearyour opinions :) I loved, as you can see, almost all of them.

Ah well, nothing more to report. Have been working at the daycare for the past 4 weeks. Things are going fly. Hope you're all well :)
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Oh man, this is comedy gold...

Am currently downloading season 1-5 of Kids in the Hall. I saw this show a few years ago on ZTV, and fell fr it instantly. The comedy reminds me alot of Monty Python's flying circus; crazy characters, "strange" humour, sketches. It's comedy gold, this little canadian show!

Also, I've got a job for the summer! 2 months full-time, at a senior home. This will probably solve all my economical problems (knock on wood) because I'll make about 90-100 kr/hour. I can even buy furniture now, haha. KICKASS. The senior home is a few miles away from here with not so very good transportations, but what the hell. I'll put an ad in the paper about riding with someone there. I can't be the only one who works at that place in the summer, now can I?
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I'm so f-cking tired of this.

My mother is moving in a few months. On the 1st of July I won't have anywhere to live. I'm desperately trying to get a flat here in time for my distance-studies, but to be able to survive the first month before UNI starts, I'll have to take a loan on 7000-8000 kr (~900 $). I'm not a very lazy or unitelligent person, and still I haven't been able to avoid this situation. Crying doesn't help or makes me feel better, I'm having nightmares and constantly wake up at night trying to remember something I've forgotten. Everything originates in my lousy economy. Since I graduated, I've applied for about 150 jobs, and maybe 10 of them got back with "thank you for shown interest" replies, the rest of them didn't even bother with that. It's wearing me down, both physically and mentally, because I feel like such a bum. A 20-year old woman, who can't even care for her own economical situation. That's just lousy.

Still, there are some things to hold on to. I've got a book almost finished, I've got my health, for now I can pay all my bills even if it's stretching it. I have Sebastian, who is fighting by my side with his own economy and grades. I have my friends, who are more or less in the exact same situation that I'm in. My generation is getting tired of being used, and taken for granted. We need jobs, to be able to earn our living. And the future is not looking any brighter.
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So I've been playing world of warcraft this ENTIRE WEEKEND. I clearly suck all kinds of crappy things.

Also, been reading alot of what journalfen is up to these days; and I found a link to the old MsAllegro journal, wherein she discusses feminism and cultural oppression. For you who don't know who MsA is, check my old journal (pansy_burrows) that I had when I was a 16-17 year old brat who thought that I could be somebody I wasn't which = sucking up and kissing MsA's ass. It was all about a thing called Domlijah back then (oh lol), meaning the sexual relationship between Dominic Monagham and Elijah wood that was an universal fact, naturally. Everyone who opposed this ground-breaking theory were "trolls" or "fangirls" or just simply "asswipes". That's how the cookie crumbled. For about two years, when I got caught and left the molten core (WoW reference nr 1) and everything else behind, to start my life as a fairly normal person.

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So I'm not going to sit around and not say anything. I'm going to post where ever I want, it's been 2 1/2 years since this happened, and can you honestly say that I haven't changed for the better? I know that I have. I have a better judgement, I've learned from that experience. I think it's sad that some people still live the lie, while some have actually made an effort in changing themselves (not talking about me here, but nat_does_lj) and get shit for that.

I'm off to sebastian's tonight, I'm going to make fudge and bring it there for us to eat. Mmmmm, fudge. (but firstly, some honest-to-god, world of warcrafting)

ETA: Oh what the hell. She just posted a response to my comment, which I can't respond to in turn because she made it friends-only. I should have known.
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Happy birthday Sebastian! 1 year today...

I attended my first 1-year birthday party today, for my friend's son Sebastian (a common name here, don't be alarmed :P). We had fun, though of course, it was mostly a party for the kids. My friend had her sisters there, who have kids. My present for Sebastian was a box of wooden building blocks, which he seemed to enjoy!

Also, I have some other news, about Eric and his funeral which is taking place soon....I guess.

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Now, I'm off to watch the pilot episode of The X files and have supper. At the same time. How cool am I?

PS. Me and Sebastian might be going on a cruise to Newcastle next month. My sister won four tickets and wants to invite us. If I have the money, I'm going, but we haven't set any dates yet. But here's my question. Do you guys have any tips on what we can do when we get there? I don't know much about the city, maybe you UKers can help me out?
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Lol @ the icehockey commentators on the tv just now:


Sweden - Finland 3-2, right now. I can't watch icehockey because I get all emotional and anxious :/

EDIT: Oh hell, we won. In your face, Finland! Bunch of loozers, you are! (this is not a time to remind me that I'm 50% finnish, btw. Hush hush.)


So. I'm ill agin. This time, it's my throat. I woke up wednesday morning and I couldn't get a word out. An eating hurt like a bitch. It's ok now though, but I haven't been able to work wednesday-thursday-friday which frankly SUCKS. But I'm not an exceptional case; mom is ill, Sebastian is ill, about 65% at where my mother works has fallen ill so bad they haven't been to work for a week. This is getting silly. I want spring and heat, not this damned snow!

Is anyone watching the olympics, by the way? Sweden has won 5 (!) amazing gold medals, two silver and 5 bronze. Four years ago, I believe we came home with 2 silver and 2 bronze. now, I usually hate sports, but I watched the curling finale and MAN that is one interesting sport. Very strategic and full of surprises. Much better than an icehockey-rink filled with fat guys trying to be macho. No thank youuu.

And atop of that, I've got a silly obsession with cornflakes. I eat them without any milk, like candy. It's super sweet and probably not so good for my teeth. But oh so lovely.
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We went to the ceremony at my old school today and it was really nice. They had his photo and some soothing music on in the background so that you could just sink down in a chair and think. The only real teacher I met was Anderas, and he seemed very shocked about what had happened. We also had a meeting, only his closest friends and the school psychologist, to talk about what we were thinking now, almost 2 weeks after it happened. I have to say, I was a mess last week but I'm hanging in there. I'm able to do things today without constantly thinking about him. But there were a lot of people who were upset, and it was nice that we had a place to go only to think.

This song is really creepy. It's an old swedish song, recorded by the band Garmarna, and the title means "Vengeance". It's about a girl whose stepmother wants her to kill her little brother. Instead, she cuts her stepmother's body open and kills her unborn child. And they say people are fucked now. Anyway, it's a good song. If you're interested in folklore and that stuff, a ownloadable version of the song is here. English lyrics are here (scroll down).

I've also taken up my old interest in renovating dollhouses. I have an old Lundby Stockholm that's hopefully going to look better soon. I played a lot with it as a child, and there's almost nothing left of the flooring or the wallpapering. I can also tell you that I'm on book 4 of the Harry Potter series, and yeah, it's only getting better. Severus Snape, you sexy mofo.
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